fan-876373__480Are you learning Mandarin Chinese? Are you looking for someone to help to improve your Chinese?

Learning a second language is never easy. Mandarin is no exception. With structured practice with us, over  time you will find it not as hard as you think. Who are we?

Okay, I will start from me. My name is Liu Min, a native Chinese. I and my team of native Chinese speakers are available to tutor you in learning Chinese.

This blog is a platform where you can find a Chinese tutor online. You may also book time with me to practice your Mandarin Chinese.

Our one-on-one class is delivered online and specifically tailored for you to guarantee your learning outcome. You will be provided with study materials that are tied to HSK exam, an International standardized exam to evaluate test takers’ Chinese language proficiency.

Please follow my blog AND contact me for more details! I will help you reach your goal in improving your Chinese!