Why Communication is So Important?

It’s a no-brain-er that communicating with one another is important, but too often we forget about that, instead letting our own judgment sit in when we are left to face a rising situation.

It’s a true story that has recently happened to me.

As one of millions Wechat users in China, I check my Wechat updates as frequently as those of who are the loyal account members of Facebook do in elsewhere outside of China.

The other day, I routinely tapped that green and white Wechat app icon on my phone, deciding to check one of my old friends’ updates. However, I saw none but those updates were expected to be popped up on my moment. Puzzled, I found her in my contact and started browsing her latest events. With no memory of mine seeing those updates, I quickly jumped into the conclusion that she excluded me in her event sharing. Followed was my side of disappointment and frustration; mostly I felt that way is because I consider her my friend but what I concluded from what I saw told me that this friend of mine somehow decided to discard our friendship.

I was clearly bothered that night. My emotions dominated my train of thought, and I was at my best attempt to understand why she cut me out in her friend circle. Pretty irrational, right?

Then, next day, while I was doing the routine check on my Wechat messages again, there she was, my friend in an image with which I’m not that familiar. It was not until then that it rung the bell and I remembered she once sent me a message telling me about her new Wechat account, about how she was fed up with her old boss then decided to open a new account to keep close friends in touch.

On the revelation of this piece of truth, I felt so silly myself and blamed my presumption that is not founded on the ground of communication. I should have just talk to her so that my restless night would be avoided.

Human beings are social species. Communication is the key for us to get by each day, to build the foundation of relations, and to collaborate for a cause. It is so important that you need to remember to check on it once in a while. Otherwise, you might also end up with experiencing a pointless annoyance as I just did the other day.




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