Why do We Have a Dog?

“Why do you have a dog?” It seems so easy to answer that question. Dogs are cute and loyal. They are universally recognized as man’s best friend, at least universally in big parts of human’s habitat.

I live in China where the locals have a mixed emotion toward dogs. Some of my fellow brothers and sisters love dogs, some spoil them, and there are some others hurt them and unfortunately even eat them. But I must clarify that it would be wrong to think of us Chinese as savages who would just put everything, anything into our mouth. Dog-eaters are an extremely small proportion of our population. As much I also can’t wrap my head around those dog-eater’s dinning choice as the Western world views it, I acknowledge the existence of this phenomenon.

Well I really don’t intend to talk about animal rights. For this blog, I do wish to speak for majority of the Chinese dog-lovers with whom I share a similar passion and love toward this four-legged friend of ours.

So why do we have a dog?

Dogs provide a great emotional companionship. They just couldn’t help follow us all around. If you have a dog like the one in our family, it’s hard to find it not resting by your feet, under your desk or sometimes against your laps on the couch. They have this power to make you feel good, important and accompanied by their presence.

Dogs keep you socialized. I work from home as a freelancer, so despite that I communicate with a lot of people on the Internet, Wechat, in the physical environment, I barely interact with anyone. This situation changed ever since our dog walked into our life. From walking our dog, I made friends and acquainted with many people in our neighborhood. Talking about dogs is a great ice-breaker between two strangers.

Dogs also keep our health in check. They need to go out for walks, which has made their masters sign up a routine of exercising schedule on the daily basis. In my case, our dog is still young, so it feels that his energy level is always fully charged. On top of that, given his body scale—-he is a Labrador retriever—-everyone in our family must be ready to make a roll-up-our-sleeves effort when taking him out for a walk.  Yes, it’s a good exercise.

My dog also keeps my creativity and imagination flow. I love writing but don’t consider myself as any individual who has made any accomplishment in this area. But still I like to spill my thoughts in forms of words to reach out to those like-minded people. My interacting with my four-legged friend really has helped me yield a great deal of inspiration. How can we not wonder in our minds when those big puppy eyes are staring right at us?

So, can you think of other reasons to have a family dog around? Please feel free to leave me your comments. You are also welcome to browse my homepage and I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


3 thoughts on “Why do We Have a Dog?

  1. Dogs give you good habits since you must walk them every morning you can’t stay in bed and oversleep. It’s great to come home after a bad day at work and see your dogs sooo happy 😊 it brightens my day!


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