How Internet is Changing Our Lives!

While working by my computer, a Wechat message made a buzz on my phone the other day. Normally, I would wait a couple of minutes to check my phone, because I manage several Wechat Groups, one of which has more than three hundred members, so I’m pretty used to hearing the indicator of incoming messages. But this one made me curious.

I was curious because I just closed my conversation on my computer with a work client who promised to add me on Wechat for a further discussion on his project. So instead of taking it easy and slow, I immediately picked my phone and accepted the contact request from this work client.

I was extremely interested in the project this client mentioned to me. It turns out he is a caring language teacher from the United States who teaches English to the young children aged 5 to 12 years old in China. He was looking for my assistance in introducing his online teaching method to the Chinese families with kids.

After viewing his class sample video, I was amazed by how the Internet is changing everything we do!

I have had years of experience in teaching young children but only at real classroom never by virtue tools. In my concept, it’s not possible to teach children language in front of a computer. My reasons are that young children have too short of attention span and that they are vulnerable to the attraction of online games so it’s difficult to make sure they focus on what they are expected to learn when they sit in front of a computer.

However, my concerns soon disappeared 5 min. after I hit that Play button of the class video. It was an one-on-one English class facilitated by this client whose student is a 5 year-old Japanese boy.

The video shows a shared desktop view of a colorful text-book for English young learners and two small windows of camera image showing the teacher and the kid. It was a lovely class since the kid was absorbed in what’s happening on the screen, and most importantly, the boy was really learning! He repeated every new words the teacher invited him. With the interactive interface provided by the e-book, both the teacher and the boy seem to be having such a good time!

Internet is changing our lives, fast! It brings the unimaginable into our reality. I was extremely happy that by utilizing the social media, I’m also part of this revolution, helping my work client reach more individuals who would otherwise not become the beneficiary of this great transformation of the 21st century.

Do you also feel the same way that the Internet is transforming our lives? Or you are already surfing the tide that the Internet has brought to us and look for more?




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