One Week-trip in Thailand Part 1 Phuket Island

The one-week-trip in Thailand has come to an end. As much as reluctant to get back to my mundane routine of life, I really should put away the amazing journey at the shelf of my memory at some point. What’s a better way to store our best experience than writing it down? Here I am. Welcome to my travelogue to Phuket, Thailand.

Clear air and blue sky might not be a privilege of many people in the world, but surly it is so for us Chinese who have been constantly struggling against the harassment of smoggy days. After a flight about 6 hours from Beijing to Phuket, I, along with many of my country fellows onboard the same plane—-I assume with confidence–could distinguish the difference on the air clearance.

Phuket International Airport provides the registration for Visa on Arrival, so it was quite convenient for travelers from a list of countries that are legible for this visa policy. The procedure was standard, and the list of documents required for the visa services can be found on the website of Thailand Immigration Bureau.

We had prepared per what the website says but didn’t expect the registration would require photos, so we had to pay a few hundred THB to have our photos taken. Other than that, it went smoothly.

At 11 pm we arrived at Phuket International Airport where minivan and taxi are available. However, the price was more expensive than expected, 1000 THB for the taxi service taking us to the Karon Beach resort area from the airport. It was 300 THB more than what we learned from others’ experience online. I assume it was due to the night hours.

The hotel we stayed for during the first a couple of nights was named Baan Kata Maytha, a lovely place that I would highly recommend if anyone is like us looking for a hotel that is clean, non-pricey and not that far away from Karon Beach.


Of course, for those of who don’t mind about the accommodation cost, there are tons of nice hotels with great sea views along the beach. Some of them are just stunning! Like this one which is facing the beach and the sea, it certainly would be an ice on the cake to enrich the journey of this experience.

For us, our hotel choice on Phuket is good enough, the room clean and spacious. We also had the chance to acquaint ourselves with the vicinity. Although there is about a fifteen-min. walk to the beach from where we stayed, we enjoyed what we saw along the way.


The beach is nice, soft sand and bluish sea water. People do sunbathing, parasailing and jet skiing. The long tail boats also are available to take people to explore further away the shore. However, the entire Phuket island didn’t really impress me as I thought it would. I assume it’s because it’s a populated province as well as an island, so the traffic can become very busy. Without any hesitation, after one day on Phuket, we were on the way to explore the Phi Phi Don that is well-known for its tranquility and beautiful sea view.





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