Why do People Learn Chinese?

In the world of learning a foreign language, many have picked Mandarin Chinese. As a tonal language with pictograms, the Chinese language has made its reputation a challenge among many learners, especially for the learners whose mother tongue is rooted outside the oriental language system. Sure! it’s a challenge. Then why do people make such effort learning Chinese? Here is the list of reason why that I can think of after my own little research.

  1. Chinese is the most spoken language in the world. If you search ‘the most spoken language’ on google or any other web search engines, you will see the most updated results done by many prestigious websites claiming the Chinese language tops all the rest.

Every one in six individuals speaks Chinese in the world population. Being able to speak this language absolutely will open the horizon for you to speak with more people in the world. The Chinese language includes several branches, Cantonese, Taiwan Chinese, Singapore Chinese etc., but the Mandarin Chinese is the mainstream that is prevailing in all these branches, meaning the Mandarin Chinese speakers can make themselves understood by all those in the Chinese language community.

  1. The Mandarin Chinese communication speaks for business prospect. As the world’s second largest economy, China has been focusing on its economic growth. It looks like this focus will keep on going and won’t change any time sooner.

Doing business with the Chinese people has become a no-brainer for many companies who look for further growth. Many economists even predict the future of the world economy is in China. I’m not sure on how accurate this prophecy is, but as a native Chinese, I’m very happy to hear that and certainly hope it goes the way as predicted by some of them. It also looks like there is a solid ground to support that statement, so it’s not that surprising that people are learning Mandarin Chinese for the sake of business prospect.

  1. The ability of speaking Chinese bridges the cultural understanding among different words. Language is the cornerstone for communication. People understand one another from talking to each other.

From the map, we all know where the other countries are. By doing a little online research in today’s world, we learn one or two about the people in other nations. But it’s the language, the real experience speaking to the people, that we really understand their culture. Language is a foundation to learn about a foreign culture.

Above is the list that I think of why people learn Chinese. Do you have any more to add to this list? Please tell by leaving me comments.


About the Author:

Native Chinese, a translator, teacher/freelancer, Liu Min has a passion in writing and life in general. She is providing you Mandarin Chinese tutoring service. Please follow her blog AND Contact her for more details!


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