When Sandstorm Arrives……

sandstorm-165332__480May is the month when sandstorm frequently hits Beijing in China. Sandstorm has become a yearly weather condition that doesn’t really surprise the locals much anymore.

This week is one of those days we receive alert messages from the weather forecast bureau who recently predicts the arrival of dusty air more accurately than ever before. Personally, I think this accuracy has something to do with the air pollution crisis endured by China. Well, if we monitor it correctly maybe there will be the light at the end of the tunnel, maybe there will be solutions to find the way to clear our sky once for all. After all, we need to take one step at a time, right?

So, this is the way I see it.

When sandstorm arrives, all we can do is to keep going and march on.

Drivers hop on their vehicle seat as usual. Teachers walk into their classrooms as they do on a normal week day. Children are sent to school and workers go to their own production lines, and everything goes the way as it is expected to. How can we stop living our lives just because red sand comes to claim its existence?

When sandstorm arrives, all we can think is to look for that silver lining, perhaps to seek solutions to better the situation.

It all comes down to people’s choice of lifestyle, doesn’t it? If we drive less and turn to green projects more, that might contribute to clearing our air. If more trees are planted and less disposable wooden chopsticks are purchased and demanded, the Gobi Desert may gradually shrink instead of growing and the source of sandstorm in the north China may be weakened.

When sandstorm arrives, all we can hope for is the contribution from each of us who are living in it.

Perhaps starting from this day, we all say no to diesel powered vehicles and become more supportive to the commute that is more friendly to our ecosystem. Plant more trees if we may. Care more for our environment, for our home and community than for personal material gains.

Hopefully sandstorm will one day no longer be a frequent guest to our city Beijing. And look forward to the days of blue and clear sky as they once were.


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