Happy Mother’s Day!

mothers-day-2298746__480The Mother’s Day of 2017 quietly arrived! Every year on this day the world is talking about the gifts for mothers and China is no exception. As much as it appears getting more commercial over the years of my life span in China, Mother’s Day is still a great time much appreciated for everyone to express love and appreciation to our dear mothers.

In the family where I grew up, holidays were not emphasized in general but with only one exception though —– the Spring Festival. There might be something to do with our Chinese root but also it can be the only family trait of mine. But I do believe people of my generation echo with my observation on this: It was not until recent years that Mother’s Day became a special occasion that families celebrate in China. It’s a great change through which the day reminds us of taking time to value family love from our mothers.

I started sending my mom Mother’s Day gift in my late 20’s. I remember first time I brought home a flower on Mother’s Day, my mom was bewildered but later smiled with joy. She wasn’t aware of the day back then, and now she is expecting the day every year. By the time of writing this blog, I have just sent her an e-card with carnation image on it through messenger and got off the chat with her on the phone. Since I now don’t live in the same city with my parents, the Internet communication on this day has become a ritual that I and my mom both cherish very much.

I also make wishes on occasions like this.  Here is my wish-list involved in me and my mom.

  1. To have an improved mother-daughter relationship. Everyone says mother-daughter relationship is complicated and diverse. It is so true! Some mother and daughter are each other’s best friends while some just can’t get along. My relationship with my mom is somewhere in the middle, at times close and other times strained. In my understanding, it all comes down to expectations to one another just like the relationship in marriage and among friends. I will definitely take steps to nurture my relationship with my mom toward closer. I reckon more heartfelt communication will contribute to it.
  2. Take my mom and my dad to a tropical trip. I started having this thought ever since our visit to Phi Phi island of Thailand, where I truly felt how paradise would look like with my loved one. It will be on my to-do-list to have my parents experience that too. I’m sure my mom will love it!
  3. To have my mom accept our dog Marley. My mom is not really an animal person so she is having trouble to make it at ease with our beloved lab who is often active. During my mom’s last visit, the family-and-dog time was not as harmonious as I would love it to be. So, this will be something I will proactively approach too.

Alright! That’s all my thoughts on the Mother’s Day this year! Hopefully I will be able to complete all the things listed here and update the wish-list with a whole new look next year! What’s your plan for this Mother’s Day? Feel free to leave your comment and I will be glad to hear all about it!


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