Stick to the Plan!

time-2203698__480My plan of producing posts daily is heavily compromised! Again! I have made the Pinyin Lesson 1 and lesson 2, now on the way to several more if the goal is to include all Chinese phonics. This time that I’m behind my production schedule it’s because neither of my general laziness nor of my workload, but due to that I need to visit my doctor this week. I don’t want to bore you with the story of my health. It’s not that interesting, and nor is it serious, so I think it’s perfectly okay to skip it. But I do wish to stick to my plan!

It’s the same in learning language, isn’t it? It sure is so in learning Chinese. The Great Wall isn’t built in a day. Unlike other languages that share the Latin root with English, Mandarin Chinese is quite foreign to many westerners and learning it is never an easy task. Even though it is so, it doesn’t mean it’s a mission impossible. Scott Young survived 3 months without English in China. In the WordPress community, I recently met an interesting blog named thegreatwallofChinese, the British blogger demonstrated a good level of Chinese language throughout his posts. I’m sure there is a whole lot of other people who have also made remarkable achievement and progress in learning Mandarin Chinese as the second language too. As far as their stories are concerned, they all have something in common. That is, they all made the plan to learn a new language and stick to it.

Then how can I stick to my plan, my plan to actively blog?

I went on to make an online research. It turns out being realistic and proper motivation is the advice everyone offers on google. If it’s what everyone recommends, there must be truth in it. It may not be an easier-said-than-done case after all. Why not start from setting a realistic goal? With that thought in my head, I put my analytical skills to test.

Although being a freelancer, I commit to a certain amount of working hour every day. My household chore duty often takes averagely three hours out of my day too, so it’s not like I have the luxury of time to spend on writing. Being a native Chinese, I also need to consider the input of time and effort when it comes to writing in English. Daily production of post here no doubt would prove to be a challenge. So, I might as well tweak it to producing two to three posts every week.

Now I need to re-visit my motivation to keep up this pace. Here is it. Ideally, my blog reaches out to those who want to improve their Mandarin Chinese and becomes a useful resource for them as well. It’s helpful to think about why we do what we do, at least once in a while. It motivates us to keep on going. So, whenever my general laziness kicks in or get tied up with other tasks, I need to remind myself of the purpose of this blog to prioritize.

Alright! There is my plan and it’s time to stick to it! If you are still reading, welcome to check out my Pinyin Lessons or simply Contact Me for a free Chinese learning tutoring session. Meanwhile, time to write it away, and hope you enjoy reading my blog!


4 thoughts on “Stick to the Plan!

    1. Agreed. Writing is enjoyable. To me writing in English is fun and often creates a sense of achievement since it feels I’m also practicing my English too….:) Yes, it’s important to have a sustainable plan. 🙂

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