Pinyin Lesson 3 Chinese phonics g j ei iao

It’s been a while since I posted Pinyin Lesson 1 and Lesson 2. Now followed is lesson 3 in this post. I believe these Pinyin lessons can help Chinese learners get familiar with the Chinese phonics, from which they can scale up their Chinese pronunciation. So, if you are one of Mandarin Chinese learners, you are welcome to go through my Pinyin lessons and tell me how you think of them by leaving me comments or contact me. I have also prepared the worksheet for each lesson, so make sure to ask them from me too.

Today I will introduce another two initials and two finals in the Chinese phonics. Please refer to Pinyin Lesson 1 for the Chinese tones and the general rule of how the sound of a Chinese character is formed.

The two initial sounds we are to introduce today are g and j.

g — same as the English phonic sound /g/ in word good

j —  same as the English phonic sound /dʒ/ in word Jet

The two final sounds we are to introduce today are ei and iao

ei  — same as the sound of English letter A

iao — a combination of English phonic sound /i/ and /au/, i.e. /i/+/au/

Do you remember?

The pronunciation of a Chinese character= an initial sound + a final sound with/without a tone

Now let’s give the final sounds a tone and put the initials and finals together to create Chinese characters, and see if these Chinese characters look familiar to you, okay?

g+ěi = gěi      给  meaning give

Used in sentence:  给我。gěi wǒ/ géi wǒ   word to word translation: Give me.

Note: When two Chinese characters, spoken in a word or a phrase, both go with the third tone, the first one automatically shifts to the second tone. This rule is more out of convenience, which you will see what I mean if you give it a try to pronounce the given example above. It’s easier to pronounce géi wǒ  than gěi wǒ.

j+ iāo = jiāo   交  meaning:

  • cross; deliver
  • acquaintance; friendship
  • mutual; reciprocal; each other
  • together; simultaneously

If you have received my worksheet for the previous lessons, you may have well understood that one Chinese character contributes to form multiple meanings when being combined with other characters.

Based on this language feature, let’s look at one of the meanings that jiāo   交 delivers.

交情  jiāoqíng  meaning: friendship

Used in sentence: 我们交情很深。wǒmén  jiāoqíng      hěn   shēn。

Word to word translation:                we    friendship    very  deep (meaning: Our friendship is very deep.)

Alright! That’s today’s lesson. Remember to contact me for its worksheet. You will definitely benefit from the exercise on the worksheet!

If you are looking for a fast progress, contact me for the tutoring that is tailored for you, and practicing with a native Chinese tutor, your Mandarin Chinese learning result is guaranteed!


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