HSK Test Prep Discovery

A student was asking me about the Chinese language learning tips the other day. She told me she is to take the HSK level 2 on Jun 24 (of three types of HSK exam available, this is the internet-based one), and that she really wants to pass the test this time. In our conversation, I felt a sense of nervousness from her towards the test. I completely understand why.

HSK is a Chinese language proficiency test at China’s national standardized level. The test takers are exclusively the people who speak Mandarin Chinese as the second language. Nearly all China’s educational institutes consider their applicants’ HSK test result in course of admission. Also many companies recognize this test in their hiring process, some even in their salary scales. Starting from April 2017, HSK has even begun its influence on expats’ working visa in China. So, I get it very well why many non-Chinese speakers want to pass this exam.

A piece of information from a visa policy webpage linked to Hanban’s official site.
Another related information talking about the newly introduced point policy listed under the visa policy for the expats in China.

In my opinion, it’s fairly to say none test is easy and that HSK is no exception. But it doesn’t mean passing that test is something impossible to accomplish. As much as that Rome isn’t built in one day, there are something can be done with less effort if the right method is applied. HSK is one of these things.

HSK is a textbook oriented exam that you would pass with flying colors if you have tried the right and a focused way to practice beforehand. There are tips to help you just do that! And I will share these tips in another post. Today it’s all about the basic. How can you tackle the vocabulary?

It was not until yesterday that I found Skritter, a perfect tool for all HSK test takers to practice their Chinese vocabulary. You can say it’s truly a write way to learn Chinese. I was planning to share this discovery with the ones who have approached me for help in improving their Mandarin Chinese during our sessions, but then I thought what’s a better to share this wonderful practicing tool than writing about it here so that even more would become its beneficiaries.

Check it out if interested. If you are learning Mandarin Chinese and plan to pass the classroom sit-in HSK exam, from now on, you don’t have to rely on those boring flashcards to try to remember the Chinese Characters. Skritter is a great tool to build you a solid foundation in mastering Chinese by memorizing Chinese vocabulary and practicing their strokes.

A screenshot from the demo page on Skritter

P.S. Of course, you may also find me if you are looking for a fast progress in improving your Mandarin Chinese. As a native Chinese myself, I’m available to provide you with much needed coaching on your journey of learning Chinese.

Good luck to all HSK test takers!


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