Minions ▏Trendy Chinese Word 2017_Little Yellow Vehicle 小黄车 xiǎo huángchē

My home in Beijing China is between the fifth and sixth ring road. Yes, there is another way to describe the location where I nest with my family—-it’s far away from the downtown city and basically away from everything that is fun. However, life here is super convenient—-that I can’t complain—-malls and stores alike all around, as well as all kinds of delivery including sending food, drinks even small things like band aids to our doorsteps. It’s a good neighboring community here for a family life, except that it’s generally not that easy for us to travel to the downtown areas. Subway lines have been a great help but for the people living in our compounds, the nearest subway station is still in wheel distance.

This year, a new business has touched almost everyone’s life here, which has made 小黄车 xiǎo huángchē a trendy Chinese word across the country. It’s a brainchild of the attempts by the locals in innovation and technology that has been making a difference in our day-to-day lives. People like me who lives in the near-outskirt of Beijing city without owning a car hail for the arrival of these little yellow bicycles (I translated 小黄车 xiǎo huángchē into Little Yellow Vehicle for Chinese language learning purpose only—-little yellow vehicle is a direct translation so that if you are learning Mandarin Chinese, you would find the term make more sense). These bikes are making our life so much easier.

In fact, as 小黄车 xiǎo huángchē grows popular, everyone’s life in the city has become easier! The word yellow has created a pun-intended level of understanding toward this term, and it reminds people of the minion rush to which the movie Despicable Me gave birth in 2010. Indeed, when there are so many of them available to help us commute, a positive impact on our life is being materialized.

Now, take me for example. If I need to go somewhere by subway, I can easily find a minion bike, aka 小黄车 xiǎo huángchē or little yellow vehicle, scan the QR-code on my cell phone for a combination to unlock the bike, and then off I go. You may know more about what I’m talking about in this post by downloading an app called ofo, a brand created by a bike-sharing firm in China.

Ofo bikes are everywhere, at least in my neighboring area, and so far, I’m its loyal user and so are millions of other people. As its result, if you walk in the street where I live, you hear 小黄车 xiǎo huángchē in people’s conversations everywhere too. Who doesn’t love minions? Who doesn’t love riding 小黄车 xiǎo huángchē? It has become a trendy word of 2017 in China and it’s a new culture, a change of lifestyle. I hope it goes on this way!

Stay tuned, you may get to meet another trendy Chinese word in the next post!



6 thoughts on “Minions ▏Trendy Chinese Word 2017_Little Yellow Vehicle 小黄车 xiǎo huángchē

    1. Yes agreed. It’s a great idea! This bike sharing business grows so fast here in China. I think it’s because of our bike culture…. haha…I remember of seeing this old picture from the 50s or 60s that shows people on bikes crowded the street. Where you reside must be much more spacious, and riding bikes there must be more of a serene experience.:)

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      1. For a serene experience, you have to get to a bike trail. I ride a lot on the road, but that’s getting dangerous. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of bike trails near me.


  1. Liu, good article. I myself just recently put down the 100 rmb deposit so that I can rent an OFO. While I still rely on my electric scooter (电动车- for those Chinese learners) it’s nice to have a bike as an option. My apartment complex, similar to yours, is a little far off from the subway and therefore if I run out of battery the 黄小车is perfect!

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    1. Thanks!:) Welcome to the ofo community! I’m riding ofo bikes almost everyday now. It’s super convenient! When you pick the bike, try to choose the one without the basket. 🙂 It’s effortless to ride those ones.


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