My First Attempt to a Prompt Post_Birds ▏鸟 niǎo

bird-on-a-wire-2410974__480This is very interesting, the prompt pot! In case you are not familiar with it yet, it’s a way to create an interaction among bloggers. Often a blogger initiates an idea or a word and invites others to write something relevant and to pingback their post.

I usually read this type of prompt post for fun but this week Donna’s Prompt Pot caught my eye in a way that I started considering to join in myself. It’s not that I’m intrigued to take the challenge as a novelist. Never do I consider myself a novelist, nor a writer really. But I do love writing. And Donna’s choice of word ‘birds’ this week apparently is an inspiration-strike for me.

Why and how? I would say the word ‘birds’ instantly brought me back to my memory lane where I was still a 6-year-old. It was a summer. My mom took me to the admission office of a local elementary school that had the responsibility to take me in as one of their students. The school requested me attending a sit-in Mandarin Chinese test to find out my language level. My mom had prepped me for weeks for it. For some reason, I was confident about it—-also for some odd reason, I remember it clearly!

Now I feel that I need to throw in some background facts. So here it is. Normally in China, before the kid enters the elementary school, parents would do home-schooling and make sure their child meet the minimum requirement on the Chinese vocab from the school system. So often Chinese kids can memorize a certain amount of Chinese characters without much effort. Let’s face it, it’s hard to remain illiterate for Chinese children when large words on banners or slogans are the common decoration to the street of the country, let alone that today’s digital era has opened more doors for the little ones to learn their mother-tongue language.

So back to my story. I sat in and took the exam. I recognized all the Chinese characters on the exam paper except for one. You probably would have guessed: the word ‘birds’ was that one! I was dumbfounded when the word 鸟 niǎo came into my view. I didn’t know that word and panicked. I felt that adrenaline arisen and heard a voice in the back of my head saying ‘you will not be admitted because you don’t meet their requirements’. It turned out that was totally not necessary. I was accepted by that school as one of the talented little kids.

Now let’s forget about my story. I’m aware that if I want to make a spot at Donna’s prompt pot, I probably should follow the rules. So here is my attempt, the very first one of its kind.

On a Wire

I sat there, my mind gone blank. I thought I knew it all but the reality hit me hard. There is so much for me to lose. With a trace of smug look on his face, the examiner stared at me. Chances are he saw a kid who looked apparently desperate.

How could he not do? I lowered my head, my gaze fixated to the paper, palm sweaty and cheek blushing. Oh wait! I must looked like a bird on a wire!


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