Trendy Chinese Word 2017 ▏快递小哥kuàidì xiǎogē

Sitting in front of the keyboard, I’m concentrating on what it shows on my screen. Suddenly I hear a rumble from my stomach. Alas, it’s way past lunch time! I have been drawn to my work for hours, and now my body is urging me to find some food. I take a moment, grabbing my phone and clicking away on it. In less than 30 minutes—-more than often less than 20 min.—-is a knock on my apartment door. Here comes the meal, warm and well-packed. I dive myself back to what I do right after shoveling the lunch to my stomach.

For three days in a week, this is a typical scene in my life. What do you read from it? You may say: you are so passionate about your work! Or you are lucky to have the luxury to get everything done from the comfort of your home. I wouldn’t disagree, but what I really want to draw your attention to through my story is the delivery service that is thriving in our lives.

In China, as we are marching on the way to a cashless economy, our lifestyle is quietly changing too. The prevailing online payment solutions are making all kinds of delivery possible. From booking a delivery for grocery shopping to ordering meals delivered at your door, we have created a trendy term for delivery staff who have made themselves a unique and important place in the life of all of us here.

快递小哥kuàidì xiǎogē, delivery little brother for word-by-word Chinese-to-English translation if I may, is a friendly title for a delivery person that we see everywhere, in the street, complex buildings, in and outside the malls and restaurants. Along with their ride—–often a scooter with a company’s logo—-they shuttle back and forth among the crowds, the park and the air, as busy as a bee always. You may click the audio play below to hear how this Chinese term sounds from a native.

When taking a close look at this title 快递小哥kuàidì xiǎogē, I often hear a voice speaking at the back of my head: isn’t it a gendered name? With its literally meaning of delivery little brother, 快递小哥kuàidì xiǎogē is the title for the job that is taken by women too. But naturally, 快递小哥kuàidì xiǎogē is the only term that has become catchy and well-accepted by everyone when people’s subject falls to the delivery service. Despite all my thoughts and emotions toward this term, I don’t usually let this wonder of gender issue lingering too long. After all, there are proportionally much more delivery guys than girls in this line of work.

Alright, that’s the pick of the trendy Chinese word for today! How do you think about it? Leave a comment to let me know.


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