A Note of Gratitude ▏Veterinarian 兽医shòuyī

This post is to show my gratitude toward all the veterinarians, especially the ones who fixed my beloved four-legged friend recently. We have a two-and-half year old Labrador Retriever Marley who unfortunately caught a flu more than a week ago. This incidence really caught me off-guard since our dog had never been sick during the past two years. Our last vet visit was when we took him for vaccination soon after we frosted him as a two-month old puppy, and back then he received a minor medical attention due to his maladjustment to his new home. So, as someone who is experiencing her first dog ownership, I had always thought dogs are tough and didn’t give much thought to the fact that they could be ill.

Well first thing first, let me introduce the word veterinarian in Chinese: 兽医shòuyī. If you are a Chinese learner who has reached HSK L2 level and above, you may have recognized this word already—-in case you don’t know this word yet, try to read on—–it should be very easy to remember. In Chinese, 动物dòngwù is equivalent to animal, and 兽shòu is another way to describe animal/beast. 医yī is used in such medical context as 医院yīyuàn (hospital),医生yīshēng (doctor),医学yīxué (medicine). As such, 兽医shòuyī is the Chinese term for veterinarians.

Let’s use this term in a sentence.

他是一位兽医。(He is a veterinarian.)

Feel free to click the audio play below to listen to all the Chinese words mentioned in this post pronounced by a native Chinese.

Now back to my story. Marley’s flu started with excessive coughing and puking. In the first two nights, his symptom was so intense that I and my husband barely slept for two-straight hours. I know that some dog owners treat their dogs as their children but that’s never the way I feel about dogs. In my eyes, Marley is a dog and dogs are animals tough enough to survive on their own. However, when Marley came down with the flu, I did see him as a baby, a poor baby who needed our care. Seeing him so listless made me think of the possibility of losing him, which really terrified me!

Poor Marley on IV 😦

Luckily, the Puppy Town Animal Hospital sits right next to our complex. I had never visited it and when we brought our Marley there, we were immediately assured that our beloved dog was in good hands. Their staff are well-trained and we are very happy with the vets who helped to treat our dog. After four days IV and three days medication, Marley has returned to his old-self, active and energetic. Now we are still struggling to cope with his new diet habit—–he eats everything except for his own food—-but I think in time with some proper training he will be fine. In case you are also in China with a pet, I would strongly recommend you check out Puppy Town for future reference. It’s a great animal hospital!

Thank you Puppy Town!


Forgive me if I have made this post appearing an advertisement, but as you may see, I have been smitten to the professionalism from the vets, 兽医shòuyī there, who helped us so tremendously that I see them as angels and saviors now.

Alright if the word of the day 兽医shòuyī was new to you and you also happen to be on the journey of learning Chinese, I hope you have learned this Chinese word at this point. Any thoughts on this topic? Please leave a comment to let me know.


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