Summer Encounter ▏Western-style Fast Food 洋快餐 yáng kuài cān

burger-155023__480A few days ago, I ordered a burger and some salad for a quick lunch bite from McDonald’s. Boy! How I wished I didn’t make that food choice hours later! At 1 pm, my burger and salad made its way to my belly. Starting from 4 o’clock that afternoon, my stomach began grumbling with a sharp pain and followed were too many toilet visits that I have lost in counting. It was a messy scene. Of course, the combination of continuous vomiting and diarrhea can never be pretty!

The stomachache went on even after it felt like my body had worked its way to empty itself up into a walking skeleton. Normally when I find myself in this situation, I would immediately seek for medical attention by visiting a hospital, but not this time, this time I decided to tough it out since I know the doctor’s prescription will no doubt involve in an intravenous antibiotic coupled with some glucose for dehydration prevention—-yes, I know the drill of Chinese doctor’s treatment! So, there I was, curling up in bed in a fetus position for the remaining hours of the day and the night. Finally, after my fever past, the pain went away and I was on the way back to recover.

In this battle between the bad food and my body, I WON on my own! Hooray!

Now I have had my typing strength back, let’s meet the word of the day in this post: 洋快餐 yáng kuài cān, the Western-style fast food in English. After all, it is the culprit for my sickness that hit me unprepared days ago! Funny thing is years ago I came across the news about McDonald’s food safety scandal, but never looked at it seriously. It’s a fast food chain with the western standards, how bad could it be? At least their serving tables are clean! These are the thoughts went through my head. Now I have learned the lesson: NO MORE McDonald’s! In fact, I have just made up my mind to shine all fast food chains possible. The last thing I would wish for is to relive the scene the other day! Anyways, a lesson is learned that eating healthy is just too important to miss out for us all.

In case you are interested in learning Chinese or already a Chinese learner, this is a word that you may find useful: 洋快餐 yáng kuài cān. If you haven’t encountered this word, you may try word-by-word translation to memorize it. 洋yáng is foreign/western in Chinese and 快餐kuài cān is the Chinese translation for fast food.

Here is a decision of mine on today’s subject:


I have decided not to eat Western-style fast food!

As usual, you may click the audio play below to listen to the Chinese word and sentence of the day! Hope you enjoy it! And stay healthy!


One thought on “Summer Encounter ▏Western-style Fast Food 洋快餐 yáng kuài cān

  1. Western-styled fast food is terrible… even here in Canada, I stay away from it completely! It bothers me so much that this terrible lifestyle is making its away around the globe.


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