My Cross Path with Traffic Control Authority ▏效率 xiào lǜ Efficiency

Yesterday for the first time I went to Haidian Driving School, a place to train drivers. I was there to attend an exam after a brief period of self-study and very gladly that I passed it with a good score. Of three major exams toward the ownership of a driver’s license in China, this one is the first, all about theories and Chinese traffic regulations. Now with hundreds of my other student peers, if not thousands——surely a magnificent crowd is evident, I’m on the way for the next phase of training. What stroke me yesterday was the efficiency beyond my expectations. The entire training and examining process in that school as well as its affiliated cooperation with the traffic police authority, at least so far, seems very well-organized.

Now yes, let’s talk about efficiency, 效率 xiào lǜ in Chinese. For those whom are the Chinese learners just starting to learn the language, you might find the phonic ǜ very foreign. ǜ is a final sound in Pinyin, and it is pronounced the same as yù. You may also refer to my Pinyin lesson where focuses on tones for more ideas about the general rules of Pinyin. Or, click the audio play below to hear how it sounds by a native Chinese.

So, in my case, I would like to say:

海淀驾校                            很      有      效率

Haidian Driving School   very  has   efficiency

Yes, above is a word-by-word translated expression that doesn’t fit the English grammatical rules. It also proves how much distant Mandarin Chinese is away from English. To have it make sense in English, it should be Haidian Driving School has a great deal of efficiency. Again, please click the audio play below to hear how it sounds if interested.

The main building of Haidian Driving School

Now back to my yesterday’s experience, it was overall pleasant except for a little nervousness that I felt before taking the exam. That I think it’s normal. After all, entering an exam room can never be relaxing as going on a vacation, at least for majority of us, right?

The exam was done on computers, and supervised by police officers, and I went through that experience with hundreds of other test takers. It all finished in less than one hour. The computer management system they adopted in their training and examining process has made it an enjoyable experience for us. Through their service bulletin message, I learned that they also cater foreign applicants. So, if you are a non-Chinese native who wants to learn driving in China, Haidian Driving School is a choice that I highly recommend.

Alright, that’s all today’s post is about! Any thoughts? Leave me comments anytime!