Weekend with Rain

Spring weather arrived in Beijing for quite a while too, but it has been a dry season, so when I learned Week 105 of the Tuesday photo Challenge on Dutch Goes the Photo is themed rain, I thought perhaps I will have to skip this one.

But hey, who knows? Overnight, droplets came to knock on our windows in the morning this weekend, and they turned the sprouting green around us into a lush verdant landscape almost instantly. So rain is on!

This is the view outside our window now. Rain makes it all blurry but smells super nice!

For many, rain does dampen their spirit. And in my previous post where I introduced Grammar Girl’s show on my Wechat channel, we learned rain is perceived in a negative way in many occasions of the English language. Idioms like to save it for a rainy day, to rain on someone’s parade don’t really put rain under the spotlight of bliss.

For me, it’s a different story. I love rain and it often puts me in a good mood. It’s fascinating to see how downpours wash and refresh our mother earth and the uplifting rain mood of mine tends to always take my train of thoughts to my hometown, to the memories where the air penetrated with mists and blended with scents of river.

The weather of my hometown Wuhan is like that of New England now I guess, rotating among rainfalls, drizzling, and torrential downpours for days, weeks. Situated by Yangtze River, Wuhan, one of many inland cities of China, even sees monsoon season stretching from April to August. Rain is a gift, opening doors for us to experience fun and inspiration, as well as inconvenience and sometimes hardship. Well, that’s life, isn’t it? More often than not, life is a mixture of sweetness and poignancy.

So yes! Let’s ‘splash in the rain and capture the rainbow’!

Word of the Day:

雨 yǔ is the Simplified Chinese character for rain. Chinese characters are pictographic, and this one is no exception. If you imagine looking through a window on a rainy day, you will see droplets on window glass. Keep the image in mind, and look at the Chinese character, picturing the dots are raindrops on window glass and the rest is a window frame. You will have this Chinese character memorized in no time! 😉

P.S. Look for someone to help you improve your Mandarin? Come to my Wechat and drop me a message on the bulletin board of our post ‘Look for my language partner‘!

Can’t wait to see you there! 😉

3 thoughts on “Weekend with Rain

  1. Interesting discourse on the word rain and how rain is perceived. It’s all about perspective. Sufficient rain during the growing season is necessary for a bountiful harvest. Too little or too much and the harvest is in jeopardy. Monsoons kill as well as replenish the earth with moisture. It’s about balance.

    An outdoor party or a trip to the beach is less fun (and somewhat miserable) during heavy torrential rain. Last year, I was a spectator at a parade in Princeton that would have been extremely difficult in the rain. Equipment and historical costumes would have been damaged.

    I don’t think the phrase “save it for a rainy day” is meant as a negative. I think it’s about being too busy to undertake a particular task in the present so postponing until things are less busy.


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