Rise to the challenge 迎接挑战 yíng jiē tiǎo zhàn

Yes I’m rising to the challenge, in response to Week 108’s theme on Dutch Goes the photo of the blogging community, on one hand, and to my Toastmasters journey in the real life world, on the other!


There is no better time to push oneself out of the comfort zone than at the present. Since I have decided to go all out on my pathways experience, I’m excited to take on the biggest function role in the upcoming meeting and all pumped up to try the new now. No more waiting. Just do it!

So here, allow me to introduce you the term in Chinese: 迎接挑战 yíng jiē tiǎo zhàn, a Chinese translation to ‘rise to the challenge’.

挑战tiǎo zhàn means to challenge. If breaking down the term and looking at the characters, you may find it easier to memorize–in case it’s a new term to you and you do find it a challenge to remember.

挑 tiǎo means to pick, to provoke, to carry while 战zhàn is for battle or fight in Simplified Chinese. Noting that, you may find the idea of ‘picking a fight’ closely relevant to the word challenge. I guess that’s where the term came to its birth, picking up a fight against our own comfort zone?

迎接yíng jiē is translated into embrace or welcome in English. As interesting as it is, translation is more than just finding one term in one language equivalent to another and grouping them all together. Often times it requires the skill for translators to create the term that is custom to the local. The Chinese phrase 迎接挑战 yíng jiē tiǎo zhàn for ‘rising to the challenge’ in English is a typical example.

Alright, I do hope this post helpful for you if you happen to be on the way of your Mandarin language learning journey. And, let’s all rise to the challenge in our lives, even if language learning is not on your to-do list.

P.S. Look for someone to help you improve your Mandarin? Come to my Wechat and drop me a message on the bulletin board of our post ‘Look for my language partner‘!

Can’t wait to see you there! 😉

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