Greetings from Beijing, China!

This page is created to connect me with you to help you improve your Mandarin Chinese.

While learning Chinese Mandarin, have you ever been in a situation where you find it hard to get your head around those Chinese grammars and terms? If you are at the beginners level, it can really feel like being in a maze.

Or you may already have a Mandarin teacher, but often times in your Chinese conversations, you are struggling to understand all that she said to you and not able to figure it out why in some situations it’s alright to say something this way but in other cases, it’s not correct to express yourself in the same way.

Don’t worry! You are not alone. There are thousands of Chinese language learners feel the same way when they started.

As much as you need to practice in the targeted language, often times you also need to comprehend the fundamental rules of this language, especially if you aim at passing a test, like HSK in this case. As a Chinese native with the standard Mandarin voice, I’m also equipped with a good level of English proficiency which will serve as a tool to help you clearly comprehend those language points that you need to master.

Why not follow my blog AND contact me? I will help you reach your goal in improving your Chinese!

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