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Many Chinese individuals are learning English in China but struggling with their spoken English. I have received mails from them looking for Chinese learners who are interested in becoming their language exchange partner. If you are looking for a language learning/study partner, you have found yourself a perfect place to do just that! I have created a platform where you will find a rewarding language exchange learning experience.

Below is the common Q&A I have encountered, if you have more questions, please feel free to leave a comment:

  1. 谁是我的语伴?Who is my language partner?【语伴邮筒】是一个信息栏。不论你是希望与母语者练习,还是与其他同学一同搭档学习同一门外语,都可以将你的期望告诉我。You are looking at a bulletin board where you may find a native speaker of your target language as your language partner, or partner up with your target language speakers who are not native in that language.
  2. 我不希望第三方看到我的信息,你会帮我保护个人信息吗? If I don’t want other people to view my information, will you keep the content I submit private?一定会的。一旦你在提交信息时告诉我希望自己信息的隐私权得到保护,我保证不向第三方告知你在邮筒中投递的内容。当来件有适合人选时,我会帮助大家私信各位,交换信息。Absolutely, yes! Once you have expressed your wish to keep your information private, I garauntee that I won’t reveal any of it to anyone else but the people who fit what you are looking for. When there is an incoming mail that matches your description, I will send you all individual messages for you to connect.
  3. 会有费用产生吗? Do I have to pay  for anything?在寻找语伴学习中是否会产生费用,要看对方是否向你收费了。我们的【语伴邮筒】免费为大家服务。通常情况下,如果是‘物物交换’的语言学习,是没有费用产生的。例如,如果你的语伴是一位正在学中文的美国人,你的母语是中文并且希望提高英语,那么你们俩人可以互相约定:练中文半小时、练英文半小时(☜此安排仅供参考喔)。Whether or not there is fee involved in practicing a language with a language partner depends on you and your partner. Our mailbox, however, is free of charge to help you connect. Normally, if the learning experience is based on a ‘bartered practice’, there likely will be no payment involved. For instance, if your language partner is a native American who wants to practice Chinese, and you have native or nearly-native Chinese skills while looking for English practice, you may negotiate with him or her in such way as half-hour in English and half-hour in Chinese for an one-hour session.

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